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Attacks hard work, faith, the downtrodden

Democrat Michelle Au has long demonstrated a history of making hateful comments.

In her blog, The Underwear Drawer, Au mocked the ancient Hindu practice of bathing in the Ganges River, claiming the sacred river is “feces-laden.

Au refers to her own patients as “gross” and rants about her workdays in detail online.

Au is disrespectful of religious practices. She claims she is “the biggest atheist alive” and says she invokes the name of Jesus Christ as a joke because it’s “kind of funny.

In a time of tragedy when the nation was grieving from a shooting in Texas, Au chose to mock lawmakers on Twitter for calling for prayer.

In her book, This Won’t Hurt a Bit (And Other White Lies), a book about lies she says doctors tell, Au regularly refers to people with difficult jobs condescendingly as “scutmonkeys” and young doctors working in her own hospital as “slave labor.

She speaks in demeaning terms about psychiatric wards and patients. Despite being a medical doctor in charge of patient healthcare, Dr. Au refers to patients with mental issues as being “in a nuthouse” and said one patient with mental issues went “totally apeshit.

But it doesn’t stop there. Au’s anesthesiology practice was repeatedly accused of being engaged in the tactic of Surprise Medical Billing.

Surprise Medical Billing is when a hospital performs operations and medical services but recommends doctors who aren’t insured by the patient.

The General Assembly began outlawing this practice in 2020.

Surprise Medical Billing has led to millions of dollars being erroneously charged to Georgians, causing extreme financial distress.

According to the Georgia Department of Insurance, Au’s practice was the subject of 13 insurance claim disputes for billed services from 2012-2013, totalling more than $1 million.

This is a first time candidate who has clearly not been vetted because of the situations surrounding the primary during a pandemic. Based on the standards that the Democrats have set, they should have 10x the problems with the writings of Michelle Au than Matt Liebermann - because she is actually saying and doing these things.

District 48 is a diverse, exceptional and positive community. Au’s writings do not reflect the values of North Fulton and Gwinnett.

*Au’s writings are more fully analyzed in the attached research*